Alerts and Forensic Reporting Toolkits

Enhance business intelligence with advanced incident management and data correlation.

Detect, identify and alert on people of interest, VIP’s and security risks in real time. Vix Vizion’s Alerts and Reporting Tools include powerful incident and event investigation capabilities enhanced by intelligent video analytics.

  • Configure events through an intuitive UI.
  • Alert status management via Imagus UI’s.

  • Enable real time notification via SMS, Email, Light Panels, Screen Flashing or Web callouts to other systems.

  • Alert/notification reporting.

  • Powerful forensic search and historical analysis via intuitive UI’s.

  • Investigate historic footage captured by Imagus or import footage for analysis to assist investigations and law enforcement.

  • Investigate known and unknown associates.

  • Find people across many video streams extremely quickly and download data about when, where, who, plus demographic information.

  • Access data for input to your BI systems.