Covid Safety

Vix Vizion’s Imagus facial recognition technology is designed to provide your business with real time information, alerts and analytics to reduce your business risk and improve decision making. 
Implement Imagus into your existing video management system (VMS) or as a stand alone solution to keep your staff and customers safe and help you comply with Covid-19 restrictions.

Safety & Compliance
  • Crowd counting / people counting: monitor the number of people in a space 

  • Contact tracing through face recognition and historical video analytics

  • Face mask detection / recognition

  • Face verification for safe contactless access control 

Alerts and Analytics
  • Real time alerts 

  • Intelligent video analytics (history, events, age, gender, emotion, statistics)

  • Historical tracking of identified people and associates to identify risk vectors and contact points

  • Forensic video analysis tools


Imagus solutions can be implemented on-premise or in a private cloud environment. The implementation of the service can be organised by Vix Vizion or through an approved third party nominated by the customer.

Integration Options
  • Stand alone

  • Deeply integrated Milestone VMS options

  • Integrate with your VMS