Imagus Facial Recognition System

Fast, Accurate and Reliable Market Leading Facial Recognition.

Vix Vizion’s Imagus Facial Recognition System delivers fast accurate face detection, matching, recognition and tracking using advanced deep learning algorithms. Imagus is effective with high or low densities of people in frame, even with poorly lit, poor quality, angled or obstructed views. Imagus is easy to deploy and operate with intuitive UI’s for operation and management. Imagus can be deployed stand alone or integrated with your VMS as a local, distributed or cloud based solution.

Face Detection
  • Monitor video streams either stand alone or integrated with your VMS.

  • Market leading face detection accurately detects faces in video streams in real

  • time in crowded or 1-to-1 scenarios and uncooperative environments.

Face Recognition
  • Easily enrol faces for recognition from existing databases, from video footage

  • or on the fly using Imagus.

  • Flag faces for recognition – eg: VIP / person of interest /banned etc. Monitor,

  • track and alert in real time.

  • Known and Unknown associate identification.

  • Privacy controls and facial blurring.

  • Identity verification for staff/customer/passenger onboarding and management.

  • Access control integration.

  • Enhanced security.

  • Liveness / anti-spoofing.