Contactless multi-factor authentication for a safe, post-pandemic world

Vix Vizion in partnership with Gallagher delivers a:
  • Seamless, integrated multi-factor authentication access control solution

  • Vix Vizion's lmagus facial recognition software enables facial biometrics as a contact-free credential to meet the emerging need to limit physical contact with surfaces

  • Multi-factor identity verification enables more secure site management and access control

Easy Installation setup and configuration
  • Set up REST API Client using the Gallagher Configuration Client

  • Establish the Gallagher connection to REST API Client via the Imagus Configuration Apps

  • Configure the facial authentication function via Gallagher Controller API interface

  • Use Imagus Configuration Apps to set up video/camera streams and associate them to door access with ease

Management of credentials
  • Gallagher uses one management platform to control all cardholder configuration and access rights, as well as events and alarms triggered

  • All credentials are syncronised from Gallagher to Imagus database for face authentication. The process is wholly governed by Gallagher, and no modification is allowed by the external systems