Imagus’ Facial Recognition solution is fully integrated into Milestone’s Smart and Management clients

Face detection, recording and recognition from your existing video streams.

Supported Milestone Products

  • XProtect Expert

  • XProtect Express+

  • XProtect Corporate

  • XProtect Professional+

Installation, setup and configuration

Easy installation and setup using the configuration tool. Setup video source, configure alerts and enable facial recognition on camera via the Milestone Management Client

Screen layout control

One size does not fit all. As every business is different, we’ve made it very easy to modify the layout of the screens within the Milestone Smart Client accordingly to your preference


Vix Vizion has seamlessly integrated our Imagus Facial Recognition solution with the  Milestone Video Management System. It’s easy to install, to configure and to use!

Milestone Smart Client

 •  Enrol, view and tag faces in your database 
•  Display alarms with an enrolled face, a face seen and video of recognition events.
•  Historic search for any faces recorded from any camera stream
•  Save any face from any camera for searchability
•  Unknown associate searches
•  Imagus’ Video Analytics module also available, enabling enhanced business decision making, planning, security and marketing applications (age, gender, emotion, direction)

Milestone Management Client 

•  Fully integrated with Milestone 
    camera configuration
•  Enable recognition for 
    selected cameras
•  Create alarms and analytic events