Intelligent Video Analytics

Improved business decision making through Video Analytics
Informative data to enhance safety and planning.

Vix Vizion’s Imagus Intelligent Video Analytics module works seamlessly with Imagus Core Facial Recognition to provide valuable insights into the behaviour and demographics of people seen in video footage through data capture and reporting.

  • People counting and ID checking to manage staff/customer entry and exit.

  • Alerts on people of interest or unknown/unidentified people.

  • Emotion tracking for staff/customer well being by location, time and date.

  • Improve site design to optimise traffic flow and safety.

  • Hot/cold list reports and alarms.

  • Mask detection / face detection while wearing masks.

  • Compliance, and contact tracing.

  • Age, gender and emotions.

  • People counting, occupancy, crowd counting.

  • Location, time, date.

  • New analytics are added regularly as required by our customers making, planning, security and marketing applications (age, gender, emotion, direction).