Vix Vizion Monitoring & Support Service

Vix Vizion provides a web based monitoring and support service option to monitor the status of your face recognition and video analytics.

Designed for high security and compliance based installations, the monitoring service covers single and multiple or distributed systems and has the option to provide redundant internet connectivity for secure sites.

  • Our central monitoring station monitors the status of your system operation without receiving any private data or video streams.

  • Designed to ensure robust connectivity and alert customers on hardware, connectivity or software issues.

  • We provide the option to provide redundant internet connectivity for distributed or cloud based solutions where constant connectivity is required.

  • We offer customers the option to enable a secure remote service configuration from our central customer services centre enabling our team to remotely maintain your system.

  • The service is customised to our customer requirements and may include either simple remote software updates, a remote customer care capability excluding data and video, or a full remote secure access capability.