• Imagus software has been designed with privacy principles in mind. 

  • Imagus can be installed locally on your own secure servers. 

  • Imagus includes flexible configuration options to ensure the privacy needs of our partners and their customers are met.

  • Video streams and data captured by Imagus can be stored on your own secure database.

  • Video streams and data from cameras can be encrypted should it need to be sent by web, or alternatively can be sent by secure or private connections.

  • Images of faces are stored as metadata so that the actual image files can be deleted

    whenever you require. Metadata can be used for future reporting, forensic analysis or

    matching against stored or future video feeds.

  • Analytics data is related to a specific hash of an image. It can be de-identified and stored as consolidated analytics data for reporting.

  • Vix Vizion works with our partners to ensure that their privacy needs those of their customers and applicable regulatory requirements are met.  


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