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Airport Terminal Safety & Security

Fast accurate and reliable face recognition technology
Powerful forensic search and historical analysis tools
Easy to deploy and operate with
intuitive UI's

Vix Vizion's Imagus video analytics software provides fast, accurate and reliable face recognition technology.

Safety and Security

- Provide real time alerts to security personnel when known persons of interest are seen in check in or baggage areas.

- Help identify known or unknown associates detected with a persons of interest search. Who have they interacted with, when and where.

Image by Belinda Fewings
Fast and Accurate
Facial Recognition

- Fast, accurate and reliable face recognition technology. 

- Standalone or integrate with Video Management and Access Control systems.

Image by Jue Huang
Enhanced Access Control and Terminal Analytics

- Understand who is in an area at any time when using face only access control to manage entry and exit.

- Valuable data for terminal, retail area, and facilities usage planning.

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Vix Vizion and Privacy


Imagus software has been designed with privacy principles and guidelines in mind.

Contact Vix Vizion to learn how Imagus software

operates to ensure data is protected and managed securely.

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