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Online self-exclusion centralised register (OSCR)

Vix Vizion's OSCR is a centralised online portal allowing operators and customers to manage a face database via a central management system for use across multiple physically distributed sites. OSCR can be hosted in an operator's secure central data centre or in a secure cloud environment and linked to many individual sites/venues. Each site's/venue's local database can be managed specifically for that venue from secure access to OSCR.


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Self Exclusion for  Responsible Gaming
  • Easy and fast sign up - Any person can enrol themselves using to OSCR with a few clicks

  • Quick and safe user authenticity checks - We verify profiles to ensure the authenticity of self enrolment requests

  • Self-exclusion request to any gaming venue via an online portal - Users can request self-exclusion to any gambling venue

  • Set you own expiry date - Users can set any expiry date of their choice for their self- exclusion request

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For Operators / Group Managers
  • Group managers can maintain a list of barred patrons database for all their venues' via a single portal

  • Instant database sync across all venues

  • Manage self-exclusion requests for all your venues 

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Want to see our case studies?

We provide an easy to use, fast, facial recognition solution. Check out our case studies. 

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