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Enhanced Security For Critical Infrastructure 

Security of Critical Infrastructure has been formally identified by the Australian Government via SOCI legislation.

Enhanced Security for Critical Infrastructure

A range of high security applications to protect critical infrastructure and meet requirements according to the Security of Critical Infrastructure legislation.

The recent amendment now recognises an increased list of sectors including electricity, gas, water, ports, communications etc.. 

Vix Vizion can assist in meeting these increased security obligations.

 Security and Access Control 

Incorporate face recognition and video analytics into your site access and security systems

Vix Vizion's face recogintion and video analytics software can be integrated with your existing site access control system or VMS to give you better control of who is on your site or in secure areas, or who is present and should not be

Powerful forensic search and historical analysis tools for incident/ event investigations and contact tracing

Flexible AI based analytics allows for new analytics and reporting capabilities to be added as required over time

intelligent analytics.png
 High Accuracy and High Reliability 

Improve accuracy
from live feeds

Accurate face recognition 

from live feeds in crowded or 1-to-1 scenarios and uncooperative environments

VMS independent "stand alone" software integration, plus VMS and access control plug-in options

 Fast Accurate Face Recognition 

Save time for your business, staff and customers

Fast accurate and reliable face recognition technology. Easy to deploy and operate with intuitive UI's

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Your privacy is important

Imagus software has been designed with privacy principles top of mind. Imagus can be installed locally on your own secure servers. Video streams and data captured by Imagus are stored at your secure data centre. Images of faces are stored as metadata so that the actual image files can be deleted whenever you require.

Retail safety and loss prevention

Proven loss prevention applications for retail. Enhance customer and staff safety.

Pubs, Clubs - Responsible gaming and Compliance

Simple compliance management for responsible gaming and AML, plus enhanced security.

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