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Facial Recognition for Access Control

Fast accurate and reliable face recognition technology
Powerful forensic search and historical analysis tools
Easy to deploy and operate with
intuitive UI's

Vix Vizion's Imagus video analytics software provides fast, accurate and reliable face recognition technology.

Access Control

- Face only access control which suits environments where access needs to be hands free. 

- Dual authentication with face and access card for meet higher security requirements. Addresses issue when card holder shares access card with someone else. 

Image by Petr Magera
Fast and Accurate
Facial Recognition

- Fast, accurate and reliable face recognition technology. 

- Integrate with Industry leading Access Control Systems including Gallagher and Inner Range. 

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- Use card holder image held by access control data base as the reference image. 

- Reduced costs and associated card management when not having to issue cards to subcontractors when using face only access control. 

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Vix Vizion and Privacy


Imagus software has been designed with privacy principles and guidelines in mind.

Contact Vix Vizion to learn how Imagus software

operates to ensure data is protected and managed securely.

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