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Remote Monitoring Services

We provide a web based monitoring and support service option to monitor the status of your face recognition and video analytics.

Designed for high security and compliance based installations, the monitoring service covers single and multiple or distributed systems and has the option to provide redundant internet connectivity for secure sites

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Contact us on (+61) 1800 861 007 or for sales and general enquiries.
In New Zealand, please contact Ross Hughson on +64 29 890 2220 or For Partner support, please use

  • Our central monitoring station monitors the status of your system operation without receiving any private data or video streams

  • Designed to ensure robust connectivity and alert customers on hardware, connectivity or software issues

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  • Vix Vizion’s Remote Monitoring Service provides customers with assurance that their Imagus Video Analytics and Facial Recognition System is operating correctly at all times. This saves time and money and helps ensures that the Imagus System is meeting the desired outcomes required by our customer.

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Want to see our case studies?

We provide an easy to use, fast, facial recognition solution. Check out our case studies. 

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