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Video and Access
System Integrations

Seamless and simple integration options allow you to enhance and extend any existing environment

Vix Vizion’s Imagus software can be operated as a stand alone solution alongside your existing VMS, CCTV or Access Control System, or it can be deployed as an integrated solution

Vix Vizion also provides deeply integrated seamless plug-in options for several VMS and Access Control Systems which are designed to make the implementation and management of Imagus capabilities for existing systems very easy. We continue to add new plug-ins as required by our customers


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Imagus’ Facial Recognition solution is fully integrated into Milestone’s Smart and Management clients

Installation, setup and configuration

Easy installation and setup using the configuration tool. Setup video source, configure alerts and enable facial recognition on camera via the Milestone Management Client.

Screen layout control

One size does not fit all. As every business is different, we’ve made it very easy to modify the layout of the screens within the Milestone Smart Client accordingly to your preference.


Vix Vizion has seamlessly integrated our Imagus Facial Recognition solution with the  Milestone Video Management System. It’s easy to install, to configure and to use!

Contactless multi-factor authentication for a safe world

Easy Installation setup and configuration

  • Seamless, integrated multi-factor authentication for access control solutions across many markets.

  • Facial biometrics to allow contactless access control when hands free type access is required.

  • Multi-factor identity verification.

Benefits to customer

  • Easy to use and to configure the setup.

  • Gallagher uses one management platform to control all cardholder configuration and access rights, as well as events and alarms triggered.

Face identification for safe contactless access control

A simple and effective method to verify the identity of a person

Credential management

Integriti manages all credentials from a single interface, including the reporting of security alarms and audits of changes to credentials. A Face Card is generated automatically for each user after the initial sync process from Integriti to Imagus. Setup is quick and straight forward, requiring little effort on your part and avoiding any disruption in your day-to-day business operations.

Vix Vizion Imagus -

Hanwha Wisenet Wave VMS Integration

Product overview

  • The integration allows operation from the Wisenet Wave screens to deliver powerful functionality for multiple use cases across many markets including Retail, Pubs and Clubs and many other sectors.

  • Easy to configure and setup.

Key Features

  • Allows video playback on receiving alerts for detection of faces when compare against the enrolled database.

  • Wisenet Wave can enrol any detected face directly to Imagus enrolled database.

Want to see our case studies?

We provide an easy to use, fast, facial recognition solution. Check out our case studies. 

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