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People Counting - 
Accurate people counting with our Super Track application

What is
Super Track?

Super Track provides accurate people counting by ensuring that people moving into the field of view multiple times are not double counted. This application can be used to count people in a room, on a floor or inside a building.

Often a person walking in the street comes into, then out of camera detection. They then reappear an are traced a second or third time.

Click on the video to demonstrates how Vix Vizion's Super Track feature works in a crowded street scene.

The absolute count of unique faces detected automatically ensures we don't double count a face. This means our Super Track count is highly accurate.

The total number of faces detected includes multiple counts of the same person.

The video also shows pixel counts between eyes, which is used as an indication of face detection accuracy.

Vix Vizion will usually use 13 pixels as a minimum count and 20 to ensure adequate face detection accuracy.

People counting

Your privacy is important

Imagus software has been designed with privacy principles top of mind. Imagus can be installed locally on your own secure servers. Video streams and data captured by Imagus are stored at your secure data centre. Images of faces are stored as metadata so that the actual image files can be deleted whenever you require.

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