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Retail Safety and Loss Prevention

Enhance your customer and staff safety

Improve your customer and staff safety


Provide additional protection for staff and customers through real time alerts if violent or repeat offenders return to a store.

Reduce staff risk and conflict for 'should not approach' situations

 Loss Prevention 

Proven loss prevention applications

Help verify that returns desk refunds are authentic

Help prevent loss by providing real time alerts of repeat offenders re-entering a store or location

Set up appropriate alerts to security which categorises the level of risk for store employees and security if these persons of interest are to be challenged


Enhanced marketing and planning

Optimise layout and customer flow with people counting tools 

Help manage COVID-19 capacity/ mask compliance, and contact tracing

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Your privacy is important

Imagus software has been designed with privacy principles top of mind. Imagus can be installed locally on your own secure servers.

Video streams and data captured by Imagus are stored at your secure data centre. Images of faces are stored as metadata

so that the actual image files can be deleted whenever you require.

Critical Infrastructure 

Fast, accurate and reliable. Easy to deploy and operate. Flexible AI based analytics

Pubs, Clubs - Responsible gaming and Compliance

Simple compliance management for responsible gaming and AML, plus enhanced security.

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