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Stadium and Venues

Fast accurate and reliable face recognition technology
Powerful forensic search and historical analysis tools
Easy to deploy and operate with
intuitive UI's

Vix Vizion's Imagus video analytics software provides fast, accurate and reliable face recognition technology.

Imagus incorporates powerful analytics, real time alerts and reporting for stadium safety and security.

Safety and Security

- Help manage fans who have

previously been banned from

the venue due to violent or unsocial


- Provide real time alerts to security personnel if a banned fan approaches a gate.

Image by Victoria Prymak
Fast and Accurate
Safety and Security Facial Recognition

- Imagus Facial Recognition recently

ranked 1st in Australia for accuracy

and performance in ‘wild’ scenarios

(challenging video environment

with face angles, movement,

lighting levels and masks/beards


- Standalone or integrate with Video

Management and Access Control


Image by Marcos  Moraes
Improved Fan Entry experience

- Fans or Members who opt in may use their face to enter through special gates for a faster entry experience.

- These fans are recognised as they

approach the speed gate and their

account information is checked.

Image by Vienna Reyes
Vix Vizion and Privacy


Imagus software has been designed with privacy principles and guidelines in mind.

Contact Vix Vizion to learn how Imagus software

operates to ensure data is protected and managed securely.

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