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Vix Vizion’s Imagus Facial Recognition Software is being trialled by Food Stuff’s North Island (FSNI) to keep teams and customers safe.


Starting on the 8th of February, FSNI is trialling Imagus software in up to 25 stores across the north Island of New Zealand. This is being done to address a large increase in retail crime, for which many are repeat offenders. FSNI is taking substantial steps to ensure that privacy is not compromised and have engaged the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and the use of an independent assessor to evaluate the results. 


To help ensure a successful trial, 


  • FSNI will only use repeat offenders seen at the relevant store and not share the data outside the store.

  • Use a high facial accuracy setting of 90% before confirming a match.

  • Use trained store employees to decide on any response to a real time match of a repeat offender entering a store.

  • Automatically delete all images of people who are not entered in the enrolled repeat offender’s database.


For additional information and a great video on how the trial will run, please go the FSNI link. Foodstuffs North Island begins trialling facial recognition in select stores as part of its commitment to keep teams and customers safe by keeping previous offenders out


FSNI have also created a Facial Recognition Fact sheet and a Privacy Impact Statement which contain a wealth of information which are found in the article.

Feb 15, 2024,

Vix Vizion Team

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