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Don’t have your venue grabbing headlines
for the wrong reasons!

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Gaming harm minimisation is a hot topic in public debate and state regulation. Ineffective management of self-exclusion could see you fined and embarrassed in the media …


Self-exclusion is designed to protect those at risk, and it is a venue’s responsibility, by law, to assist patrons and manage self-exclusion. With statewide multi-venue self-exclusion programs in place or proposed in multiple states, effectively managing self-exclusion is an increasingly important issue for venue management. .



For many in the hospitality sector self-exclusion is challenging. And the consequences of failing to comply could be dire…


Clubs and hotels that fail to exclude those at risk, who have enrolled themselves in a self-exclusion program, can find themselves liable to fines and regulatory action. Breaches also reflect badly on venues and the industry in the press.


Hard pressed staff do not have the time, skills or knowledge to spend vigilantly checking crowded venues for those that should not be there – especially if those individuals have changed their appearance since enrolling in a self-exclusion program! Staff have enough to worry about serving customers.


So, something has to be done. 


At Vix Vizion we have the number 1 self-exclusion management solution in the hospitality sector, with hundreds of venues across Australia trusting Vix Vizion to help staff and management maintain compliance, including more than 80% of venues in South Australia.


We help publicans and club managers manage self-exclusion easily and efficiently, allowing their staff to focus on serving customers.


Our solution is designed, built and supported locally from our offices in Australia. It is automated, easy to install, simple to operate, private and secure, with minimal staff training and very, very cost effective.


If you would like to effectively manage self-exclusion so that you can focus on your business, please get in touch via

Oct 18, 2023,

Vix Vizion Team

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