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Imagus with Aged Care

Two older people sitting

Vix Vizion is pleased to have completed  commissioning of a Imagus Facial Recognition system at Arcare’s Aged Care Residence at Noosa Queensland in September. The system provides real time alerts to the facility staff if nominated dementia patients are seen at either of 2 entry/exit points. When this occurs, Imagus provides alerts to the Nurse Call system which allows staff to go and deal with the dementia patient before they potentially leave the facility. To further assist in preventing this situation, Imagus also interfaces with the access control system to lock these doors for a short period while the staff move to the door in question.


This Imagus solution helps keep dementia patients safe and reduces the possibility that a patient can go missing from Arcare’s Aged Care Residence and end up hurting themselves and causing much concern for family and friends. A great example of good Facial Recognition.


If you are interested to learn more, please contact Vix Vizion at

Oct 03, 2023,

Vix Vizion Team

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