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Responsible Gaming, Compliance and Security for Pubs and Clubs

Vix Vizion delivers extremely fast accurate and reliable face recognition and video analytics for venue compliance and security 

Gaming harm minimisation and compliance made easy

Vix Vizion's Responsible Gaming software delivers fast, accurate, real time facial recognition to assist with managing gaming self exclusion compliance.

Our software includes tools for detecting banned patrons, known AML risks and people of interest, and for investigating AML and in-venue incidents to assist with security and compliance. 

Imagus can be deployed in a single venue or across multiple venues to manage self excluded patrons and also provide enhanced security, customer service and video analytics data for pubs and clubs.

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 Business Planning Insights 

Valuable business data from your CCTV / VMS 

People and crowd counting by time and date for venue site planning and layout

Alerts for overcrowding 

Access control system integration for staff and asset security

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 Security and Access Control 

Real time alerts, plus incident investigation tools

Real time identify and alerts on people of interest

Powerful forensic analysis tools for incident investigation after the fact to assist staff, security or customers

Identify known and unknown associates of people of interest for AML compliance and assisting law enforcement

 Responsible Gaming 

A simple, accurate and unobtrusive solution

Easy to use and manage industry specific user interfaces

Real time configurable alerts and notifications

(SMS, screen messaging, web-call to existing systems, email...)

Central monitoring of system health plus system redundancy options to ensure uptime and compliance


Your privacy is important

Imagus software has been designed with privacy principles top of mind. Imagus can be installed locally on your own secure servers. Video streams and data captured by Imagus are stored at your secure data centre. Images of faces are stored as metadata so that the actual image files can be deleted whenever you require.

Retail safety and loss prevention

Proven loss prevention applications for retail. Enhance customer and staff safety.

Critical Infrastructure 

Fast, accurate and reliable. Easy to deploy and operate. Flexible AI based analytics

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