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Vix Vizion recently appeared in the NSW RSL & SCA Information Newsletter Update on the 15/11/2022. The story deals with Responsible Gaming and the use of Vix’s Facial Recognition Imagus Product to identify self-excluded patrons.


Solving the Responsible Gaming Challenge with Vix Vizion

Responsible gaming and gaming harm minimisation are currently hot topics in NSW. Vix Vizion - an RSL & Services Clubs Association’s Corporate Partner – is an Australian based software company providing automated real time gaming harm minimisation solutions for the clubs and pubs industry.

Vix Vizion’s Imagus software simply and accurately uses face recognition to identify self excluded patrons entering a gaming area. It then provides an unobtrusive, real time notification (with supporting notes) to venue staff to provide assistance to those patrons, thus minimising harm and complying with gaming legislation. Imagus also greatly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the self exclusion process for venues, as compared to relying on venue staff alone to identify and manage individuals at risk. It’s important to note that the face recognition system can only identify an individual if they are specifically registered to the venue’s in-house Imagus register. For privacy, all data is encrypted and secured on site and deleted after a set period of time. 

Vix Vizion’s software is currently deployed in around 300 venues in Australia, including over 80% of participating venues under the South Australian government’s face recognition based gaming harm minimisation program. Clubs and pubs in NSW, such as Churchill’s Sports Bar, have also begun using Imagus.
“We needed a reliable and accurate system that takes the pressure off staff to recognise someone who may have placed themselves on the responsible gaming register, or if they have perhaps been blacklisted for theft or antisocial behaviour. The Imagus system makes things much easier for our staff, providing automated alerts and working with cameras installed in the venue.” said Tristan Balian, Manager at Churchill’s. 

Vix Vizion’s wholly Australian owned and developed software ranks among the top facial recognition and video analytics platforms in the world. It is optimised for the clubs and pubs environment and is designed to work with in-venue cameras either stand-alone or integrated with venue video management or CCTV systems. Imagus can be deployed in a single venue or across a number of related group venues, and can integrate with external databases, such as state-wide self exclusion databases.

“Being Australian based makes a big difference to our customers in terms of flexibility and responsiveness. Our gaming harm minimisation product’s design is based around feedback specifically from the hospitality sector in Australia, making it intuitive and easy to use. Our team is dedicated to building technology that helps our customers solve problems and improve their business. We are looking forward to working with Association members and others in the NSW clubs and pubs industry to help manage their responsible gaming challenges,” said Simon Herron, Chief Executive Officer at Vix Vizion.

To get set up or for more information contact Jim or Frank on: 
ph: 1800 861 007 

November 25, 2022,

Vix Vizion Team

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